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The Chakras

The Chakras

The Chakras

The Chakras.

Chakra comes from old Sanskrit and means wheel, the chakra is a vortex or sphere of energy that is spinning and vibrating. All the chakras have their own frequency and resonate thereby to their own unique vibration. Please now refer to the chakra guide hand out. As can be seen on the chart there are seven chakras aligning with body, starting at the base of the spine and finishing at the crown of the head. These energy centres have a field of energy starting at the root chakra (Muladhara) and spiralling up the body interweaving all the other chakras up to the crown (Sahasrara). The energy field has two channels or Nadi one represents hot the other cold, and these two channels help explain why we feel sensations of hot or cold in the form of flushes.
What do they represent?

The root chakra or Muladhara represents the primordial energy, the divine ground our " root to the earth" Here lies the " Kundalini" the primordial energy of man represented by a coiled serpent laying asleep at the base of the spine. When activated it rises up the nadi awakening the other chakras filling the body with life force. This is also seen as the union between Shakti; based at the root, and her lover Shiva sitting at the crown, when the two meet in divine union heavenly bliss is the consequence. The root associates with the colour red and the sound mantra LAM.

The sacral plexus chakra, Svadhishthana, associates with the colour orange, here we find our creativity as well as strength and vigour. This chakra represents the sexual organs and sexual energy. Vibrates to the sound mantra VAM.

The navel holds the third chakra called Manipura this chakra corresponds to the colour yellow and the sound mantra RAM. Here lies other strengths; the ability to conquer our fears, will power and courage. It symbolises the centre of the body. This chakra keeps all the digestive organs in order, any problems with stomach, and intestines then this is the chakra to work with.

The solar plexus or heart chakra is called Anahata and associates with the colour green and responds to the sound mantra YAM. Here we open up to all our emotions and feelings of love and hate. The chakra keeps the heart and lungs functioning correctly, any blockages on this chakra cause problems with these two organs.

The throat or Vishuddha chakra associates with the colour blue and the sound mantra HAM. Here we work on the communication skills physical and spiritual, and the immune system. The areas directly affected are the larynx, which works the vocals and sound vibrations of the body, and the tonsils, thyroid and the thymus glands, which work for the immune system by creating white blood cells to defeat alien invaders.

The brow or Ajna chakra associates with colour indigo/purple and the sound mantra KSHAM. This energy centre works directly on the brain and mind, keeping the mind healthy with well balanced thoughts and positive rays and making sure the brain regulates the whole body via the pituitary gland which regulates the bodily functions by releasing hormones to signal other glands on the endocrine system. Also situated here is the pineal gland, which is said to relate to the sixth sense or third eye. This would be where our psychic ability would flow from, in the form of clairvoyance or other psychic skills such as telekinesis, levitation and telepathy.

The crown or Sahasrara chakra is seen as a thousand and one petals of the lotus blossom that is gradually unfolding as we grow and develop. The crown associates with the colour purple and white light and is activated by the sound mantra AUM. Here we see deep into our souls seeing only with spiritual vision, the spirit and mind as separate. From here we travel into the kingdom of the spirit, the Heavens.

The chakras can be worked on directly with crystals and gemstones. As can be seen they all have their own colour and sound vibration. Each chakra will resonate to a gem stone that is of its colour i.e. a red gemstone say garnet, will open and energise (activate) the root chakra and an orange stone say carnelian will activate the sacral plexus chakra. Etc. So by "laying on " Stones onto the chakras we can help to activate them. When an energy centre is blocked or closed the connection to the natural, universal energies are inhibited and so illness in that area manifests in the physical body and so by activating the chakras in this way we help to heal the body by reconnecting with the divine flow of energy all around us. There are exceptions to this rule such as pink stones help to activate the heart, and dark or black stones help at the root chakra. Also clear quartz and similar stones such as Diamond, zircon and Apophylite break the light into its full spectrum of colours and hence help to heal all the chakras, not just the crown chakra.

Exercise to re-enforce learning. Using previous lessons as well combining layouts of stones on the chakras to create a stronger healing ray.

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