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Sugilite Peace Angel Pendant

The Sugilite peace angel is another very welcome addition to the Brilliant Gems peace angel range it has a stunning sugilite for the body and a faceted amethyst for the head. Handmade in sterling silver to the high standard expected from Brilliant Gems in the unique design of the peace angel.

Ref: 329

A sugilite peace angel with faceted amethyst head.

Sugilite is a rare stone from South Africa, and is known as "the Love Stone of Our Age" and is here to help us to manifest higher levels of consciousness. Sugilite induces a feeling of well being via self-love and the love of others. Sugilite also opens up the clairvoyant abilities increasing the psychic powers. It makes you feel free, with confidence and inspiration. It absorbs pain from the body, this makes it an excellent stone for headaches and general aches and pains as well as mental pain and anguish. It boosts the immune system and so helps to heal all "New Age" illnesses like cancer, stress and ME. It is a stone that enables us to forgive others and ourselves.

Queen of the gemstones this mineral is a deep rich translucent purple colour. Amethyst works with the 6th chakra, Ajna; the third eye centre. It promotes spiritual vision, clairvoyance and clarity of mind. Placing amethyst on the bedside helps with sleep also keeping bad dreams away and giving you a feeling of well being. Those under psychic attack may find this stone beneficial as it transmutes negativity into love and returns it to the universe. It grows in crystalline clusters in the form of geodes and rosettes.

More on the Angelic Realms...

Size: 42mm

Price: 60.00

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