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The Pentagram is one of the most widely used symbols in the West, as well as the East, and is also the most misunderstood. Most people equate it to witchcraft, dark magic and the like, associating fear with its use, and relating it to satanic worship.

When we look into how a pentagram is used in magical rituals this is far from the truth. The pentagram, as seen here, is made up as a continuous line, it has five points that are all equidistant distances apart and fit inside a circle. This is already a very precise geometrical structure and as such, holds to the sacred arts of geometry, which a lot of necromancy was based on.

Understanding these laws of sacred geometry helped the adept to understand the workings of the universe and how to work with it and manipulate it to there own needs. As can be seen above, the pentagram bears a very close resemblance to a human standing up legs apart and arms outstretched. This is one of the most open and stable postures that a person can hold. Most people instinctively when feeling under attack will curl up and close their energy centres like a hermit crab pulling into its shell. Far from being protective this leaves you vulnerable and inhibits the possibility of any further action, this is a sign of surrender and defeat and not a very positive stance to have in any situation. With the arms outstretched and the body standing firmly erect infinite possibilities of further action and motion arise this is a posture of acceptance and readiness as well as expectation of any external influences that may arise. The circle is also sacred geometry and is extremely protective.

So from this, the Adept at Magik would draw the symbol of the pentagram on the floor, inside a circle of protection that none may dare enter, to use as a protective symbol during any magical works that he/she might perform. These rituals are not to worship the devil but to protect one from such forces. Obviously this should not be entered into lightly and should be seriously researched before ever venturing into these realms, but here I am using this as an example of how the pentagram was used, for protection. So in all magical rites it became a symbol drawn to protect the practitioner.

From this down the ages people began to wear pentagrams for protection as general day to day use as a symbol of protection, from any unwanted energies that may come their way. I am sure that it is still used in rituals by wise practitioners and there is much more that can be said about the sacred geometry of the pentagram and its uses.

Different gemstones are said to imbue the wearer with protection from harm, from spirits, physical injury and psychic attack. Amethyst has been used traditionally to protect against psychic attack, rainbow moonstone to protect the wearer from "vampirism" of their energy through the aura, amber to absorb negative energies and protect you from physical harm and black tourmaline to protect you from other people's bad thoughts or as in the olden days "spells". Combining these two ancient techniques you can now wear a pentagram that has not only the protective powers of the sacred geometry but also the protective powers of magical gemstones.

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