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Pendulums I

Pendulums I

Pendulums I

Divining and Healing.

Pendulums have been used for centuries by people concerned with the unknown, for matters that the eye cannot see. From finding lost items to magical energy fields known as ley lines, to hidden wells of water deep beneath the earth. They have also been used by more spiritual people to divine future events, to answer questions where a yes or no answer will guide and also for the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This article is primarily concerned with the later as this is the field I specialise in, but will also cover the basics of how to use a pendulum for all the above as well.


Before anyone can begin to dowse they must first choose for themselves the right dowser/pendulum. But which is the right dowser for me? And how do I know it is right for me? These questions I hear every day and are very easy to answer, firstly always trust your intuition to help you choose the pendulum for you. You will instinctively know which one you will like out of the selection you see before you at the crystal shop; we at Brilliant Gems have a vast selection of pendulums and always find one to suit every body's uniqueness. If you cannot see one that appeals to you then just try them all out!! Pick one up and play with it, then the next and so on until you find one that reacts the best for you. So after picking the one that " jumps out at you " the most, or that responds the best by moving about, the first thing to do is to find out how it will "talk" to you. This may sound absurd at first but after a few minutes of your effort you will soon see for yourselves that the pendulum seems to have a life of its own.

So when you have your dowser, allow yourself to relax and just let the pendulum hang freely. Voice to yourself or say out loud "Please give me a motion for yes". There are three distinct types of motion dowsers can make:-

i) They can move in circular motion, clockwise or anti- clockwise. This is the motion for my yes answer, but remember, it is different for every body.

ii) Backwards and forwards in a straight line. This is the motion to answer no to my question.

iii) The dowser jiggles on the end of the chain but does little else. This kind of motion is significant when tuning a dowser into an object.

Ok when this is ascertained (be patient this may take a little while as you may not be used to channelling this kind of energy), you are ready to begin. The first obvious question is; "Is this pendulum the right one for me?" This should confirm your intuitive choice, or if you are trying many out will lead to the right one! From here on in you can make your own path, as your own personnel and unique style will mould the way your dowsing skill will develop, over the years that you practice at asking questions. Good uses are for finding out allergies, choosing aromatherapy oils, herbs, or crystals that would work best with you. Career moves, financial decisions and directions in life can all be confirmed with a dowser to give you that edge in decision-making. Healing.

What is little known is that a pendulum is not only great for divining, but when made in gemstones have a great healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. This I will go into with more depth in Part II. : Happy healing!

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