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Larimar Flower of Life Pendant

This section is as it is titled, a huge collection of unique and original one off pieces of jewellery. Including Pendants, rings and bracelets all handmade in sterling silver and gold a huge range of One off specials

Ref: LarFoL001

A beautiful larimar set in sterling silver with the flower of life set behind.

Size: 35mm

Larimar is an extremely rare precious stone, that has only been found in one location on the planet earth, namely in the Dominican Republic in a mountain region difficult to access overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Larimar has been known since the seventies, after inhabitants of a small fishing village decided to find their way to the origin of the secret blue stone which they occasionally discovered in the river bed. They went upstream until they ran up against a rock formation which seemed to be the source of this blue precious stone. Because of its extraordinary blue appearance (depending on the quality, also found as blue-white and blue-green) one can connect this precious gem stone with the heavens, the sea and planet earth as seen from the universe. The powers of these elements are inside the stone. Larimar bears the strength of the blue heaven with its white clouds and the depth and clarity of the fantastic blue Caribbean Sea. Additionally Larimar helps us to view events from a different perspective. Larimar is a new and extremely welcome member of the family of healing stones. This stone with a soft blue colour supports us with changes to which we are constantly exposed. It is not a coincidence that Larimar appears at the moment the world is going through important transformational changes. Especially nowadays there is a need for guidance, leading us with a positive energy on our way. The blue precious gem stone softens enlightens and heals the results of those changes in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way.
Larimar is finely tuned to the human body, especially the 5th Chakra; Vishuda, located at the throat region of the body. This area is associated with communication and the immune system, and so Larimar increases skills of speech and communication, on the physical and spiritual planes. The power of the gem stone is perfectly expressed when wearing as pendants, necklaces and rings .When placed on the skin Larimar can remove blockages that hinder changes and improvement. Larimar softens and enlightens stress and tension that problems bring along, in order to make it identifiable.

The name "Larimar" was given by a Dominican man who named the stone after his daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea; MAR. Often the stone is called Atlantis stone, because the Dominican Republic is said to be a part of the lost continent of Atlantis according to the Prophets. But this stone goes back even further to Lemuria, which I find has a strong resemblance to the name Larimar!! This gem stone is one that can help us finely attune to love, in a heavenly and earthy way bringing about completion within and without on all current processes, that we as individuals and man kind as a whole are presently under going due to the change in the planetary vibrations.

Size: 40mm

Price: 120.00

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