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Gemstones that Protect II

Gemstones That Protect II

Gemstones That Protect II

Crystals that Protect II

Here are a few more of the unusual and seldom mentioned protective stones. They are not rare and are easy to get hold of and have invaluable use in the field of crystal healing as well as protection.

Agate can be found in many colours; it covers a huge section of the semi precious gemstone kingdom, and has one of the largest write up sections by Melody in her Kaleidoscope of crystals "Love is in the Earth." Where amethyst and clear quartz crystal are stones of the heavens, Agate is a stone of the Earth; it is ancient and deserves the respect as such. It was used by the kings of old as talismans. It symbolised, power, strength and wealth as well as offering protection, particularly when on the battlefield. Hence the Kings adorned themselves with the many different coloured agates, setting them in sword handles as well as armour, rings and talismans. Many problems arise due to people being off balance and "spacey" or "air headed" being in this state of mind can cause people to have accidents of varying degree depending on the physical locality and work needed to be done. Agate helps to "ground" you, giving you a feeling of being present in the "here and now" such that accidents are less likely to happen. It also helps to calm the mind, as when the mind is cluttered with thoughts it can lead to being ungrounded as well as creating stress that can lead to mistakes and accidents in every day life. Examples of agate are carnelian, blue lace, druzy and en-hydro. Carnelian is probably one of the best known agates, being a bright orange in colour many people are attracted to it and maybe don't realise that it is an agate. Blue lace agate is as the name suggests a gentle light blue with white lace trails through it. Druzy agate is when the agate forms lots of tiny teeth like crystals such as amethyst, but much smaller. Lastly the en-hydro is where the agate forms an egg type growth which has trapped water inside. All are excellent healing crystals as well as very protective.

Jasper is also an ancient stone of the Earth, providing grounding and protection. It is also found in many colours and structures. It can even be found as fossils, where it replaces the original structure such as petrified wood. Again this mineral was used by the Ancient Kings as symbols of power and wealth but most of all as a protective talisman against ill will and harm, in every day life, as well as giving protection in battle. Red and Picture Jasper are the most common varieties but there are many more. There is a huge list of nearly all the Jaspers in Kaleidoscope of crystals "Love is in the Earth." by Melody.

Iron Pyrite "Fools Gold" is a metallic golden coloured mineral. It gets its common name by its resemblance to gold. It grows in cubic growth structures that are quite impressive. This mineral connects to the solar plexus, and the chakra Manipura. It is very grounding and protective keeping harmful influences at bay. It also promotes courage, strength and confidence as well as helping you to face fears. These positive influences also help on a karmic level to keep you free from danger.

Ruby is a red form of corundum and associates with the root chakra, Muladhara, as well as the heart chakra Anahata. It helps to ground and protect on the physical level and is very good if you intend to travel as it helps keep the journey free from problems. Particularly good are the small ruby crystals from Madagascar but these are very hard to come by.

Clear quartz Crystal is a form of silicate; as such it holds and stores energy, in a similar way to the "silicon chip" used in computers. That makes quartz very useful for "programming". You can leave positive intentions of protection for you, for others or for an environment on a quartz crystal and it will then radiate this energy all around. It attracts and transmits bright white light which on its own is also very protective against dark energy.

As a general rule of thumb, darker minerals such as blacks, browns, reds and oranges are very protective, especially on the physical level. But there are always other and higher levels that we need to work on and sometimes find strength and support for as well as protection. That is when gem stones such as amethyst, Apophyllite and clear quartz come into their own element as being invaluable in the field of crystal magic.

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