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Gemstones that Protect I

Gemstone That Protect I

Gemstone That Protect I

Crystals that Protect I

In the many years that I have promoted crystals, there is one main question that I am always asked; "What crystal can I wear to protect myself?"

When I began to work with gemstones 25 years ago, the first crystal that I bought was for protection, and it seems to be one of the major reasons that people are drawn to gemstones in the first place, to help them through dark and negative times. Here is a list of all the protective gemstones that I know and work with and what realms they can help protect you.

Black Tourmaline this mineral as the name depicts is a real black. The stone is opaque and grows in natural crystals with either single or double ended terminations. Black tourmaline has been used through the ages by, Witch Doctors and Shamans alike to protect themselves from harmful and unwanted energies. From spells from their enemies or just lost spirits that have nothing better to do than chastise the living. It helps as a shield reflecting the negative energies back to where it came from, but also helps to keep our own negative energies from affecting others, and so stops any negative cycles of karma inflicting us. Other uses of this stone are that it is a great teacher, dedicated to the white light sharing its knowledge as we work with it along the path. Black tourmaline is very grounding bringing us back to the material plane when we are adrift in the current of life.

Amethyst has to be one of the most popular protective stones. It radiates a beautiful purple colour from the deepest darks to pale lilacs, and sometimes holds much fire as in the African varieties. Most people know of it and this property. Amethyst protects on the psychic level, keeping unwanted negative psychic energies away. Instead of reflecting them, Amethyst will absorb them and transmute them back into positive energy and return them to the universe. Known as the queen of the crystal, she is also a great teacher, showing us what we need to learn in order to stop the repetitive cycles of karma that hold us back from advancing to the next level. If you are working with a lot of negativity it is advisable to cleanse the crystal that you are working with often.

Apophyllite is very similar to quartz crystal; it has the same chemical composition but grows in 4 sided structures instead of 6. It forms is natural pyramidal structures that "shear" off the main growth clusters to form perfect tools to work with on the charkas or in the environment. Apophyllite promotes bright white light, and protects us in this aura of light. It strongly protects us on the astral planes keeping unwanted astral entities from interfering with our own astral body, enabling us to return safely to our physical body. Apophyllite also promotes joy and happiness and is excellent for clearing depression. Apophyllite can hold negative energy while it works with it and in time will transmute it into positive energy. Again if you are working with a lot of negativity it is advisable to help the crystal along by cleansing it often.

Citrine is a close family member to Amethyst also from the quartz family. It is Amethyst that has been gently heated in the earths crust. In this process it turns from the purple colour of Amethyst to a golden yellow. This crystal is very good at absorbing negativity of all kinds. But unlike the Amethyst and Apophyllite it can very quickly transmute them into love and return it back to the universe. Citrine will never hold negative energy and energetically never needs to be cleansed. Citrine is also good for strength, courage and confidence, its golden rays imbue the user with the ability to face and conquer fears. Do watch out for man made citrine though, this is amethyst that has been put in an oven and baked until golden yellow. These crystals do hold the powers of citrine but are not half as strong!

Obsidian is a volcanic lustre rock, created during volcanic activities either above or under the Earths crust. It comes in various varieties, having sheens of colour including green, blue, and red, orange and purple sometimes all of them which is called rainbow obsidian. This gemstone helps to protect by acting like a shield. The energies that it can't reflect it will absorb and work with until it is positive energy again. It is advisable to cleanse obsidian regularly when working in negative environments. Obsidian is also very grounding as well as protective and the different colour rays work on the different charkas.

Rainbow Moonstone is a member of the Feldspar family and has a beautiful blue sheen colour and sometimes a rainbow colouration as well. This gemstone helps to protect the Aura from unwanted energy that if left could develop into physical illness. Moonstone also helps to promote the feminine, lunar qualities of life, as well as helping out with healing anxiety, worry and stress. Again this stone will need regular cleansing to keep it working at its best.

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