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Caduceus Pendant

This caduceus pendant is handmade in sterling silver and available in 4 stone types. The caduceus is the ancient universal symbol for healing.  Size: 55mm

Ref: CadP001

This caduceus is hand made in sterling silver and available in 4 stone types. The ancient universal symbol for healing.

The caduceus or "Kerykeion", today's symbol of medicine, used to be known as the magic rod of Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods. He wore winged sandals and hat, and bore a golden caduceus. His caduceus was a rod entwined by two snakes, decorated with wings at the top. According to Greek mythology, Hermes came across two fighting snakes. Throwing his magic wand at them, they became entwined, and stopped fighting. This is the explanation for the appearance of two entwined snakes on the caduceus. The Caduceus can be seen in other cultures as well, in Roman days it was carried by the god of communication, Mercury. In biblical days when Moses was in the desert with his people escaping slavery and looking for their promised land, they became ill. Moses spoke with God about the sickness and was given a huge caduceus by God that when touched would heal. More...

Size: 55mm

Price: 40.00

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