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Aum Pendant in 9ct Gold

A 9ct gold aum pendant hand crafted by a master goldsmith with love! As the cross is to Christians, the Om is to Hindus. It is by far the most important symbol in Hinduism, it occurs in every prayer and invocation to most deities begins with it. As the symbol of piety, Om is often found at the head of letters, pendants, enshrined in every Hindu temple and family shrines. This symbol is actually a sacred syllable representing the Absolute the source of all existence. The Absolute in itself, is incomprehensible so a symbol becomes mandatory to help us realize the Unknowable. The syllable Om occurs even in English words having a similar meaning, for instance, 'omniscience', 'omnipotent', 'omnipresent'. Thus Om is also used to signify divinity and authority. Its similarity with the Latin 'M' as also to the Greek letter 'Omega' is discernable. Even the word 'Amen' used by Christians to conclude a prayer seems to be akin to Om.

Ref: GP-OM-001

A 9ct gold Om. A handmade solid 9ct gold Om. The Aum or Om symbol comes from ancient Sanskrit and is one of the oldest names for God in any written language. It has various meanings. The Om is a well-known sound mantra or chant, as the devotees would chant the name of god over and over again.

Size: 20mm

Price: 190.00

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