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Arch Angel Pendant

This angel pendant was inspired by the crop circles that appear in the fields of Wiltshire. It is completely handmade in solid serling silver and portrays an angel with the wings spread out all around almost as if they were light rays beaming out from the angel.

Ref: 415

A depiction of an Arch Angel as discovered in a corn field. Hand made in sterling silver. Archangels

The Archangels are usually considered the lowest order of the First Sphere; these angels tend the larger arenas of human endeavor and act as the administrative leaders of the Heavenly beings. An archangel is usually given a task of great importance to men. However, the Archangels lie just above the lowest of the angel orders, the common Angels.

More on the Angelic Realms...

Size: 50mm

Price: 40.00

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