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Angelite Peace Angel Pendant

The angelite peace angel pendant is from the Brilliant Gems peace angel collection, this one is handmade in sterling silver and set with angelite for the body and a faceted blue topaz for the head. Very grounding for the spiritual energy and helping to get in touch with your very own guardian angel!

Ref: 328

Peace angel set with angelite body and blue topaz head.

Is a light sky blue mineral from Peru, it is found in nodules and usually polished into tumble stones, but can be found as carvings. This gem helps us connect directly with our own guardian angels as well as other angelic beings. As blue is the colour of the throat chakra, which governs our communication skills, it aids us in connecting with and creating a dialogue with the angels. It strongly promotes the astral white light and helps to promote astral travel. It is one of my personal favourites and I have had many excellent experiences working with this stone. You can make elixirs from it but the gem can only be left in the water for approximately 12 hours as it starts to re-crystallise and will loose its polish. This is due to it being very soft, only 3.5 so will bruise and scratch easily as well so has to be handled with respect.

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Size: 35mm

Price: 40.00

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