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Amethyst Peace Angel Pendant

The Amethyst peace angel pendant was one of the first original peace angel pendants created and was made side by side with the rainbow moonstone peace angel. After the huge success of this design many other gemstone combinations were added to the Brilliant Gems peace angel collection. This sterling silver pendant has an amethyst body of deep purple and a moonstone head, but has been made with a faceted amethyst head as well as a faceted blue topaz head. All three were very successful.

Ref: 262

A peace angel in sterling silver, set with a deep purple amethyst body and a rainbow moonstone head.

Rulers and Authorities
These two types of angels are equal in power and authority. Rulers develop ideologies, while Authorities write the documents and doctrines. Both Powers and Rulers are involved in formulating ideologies; the difference is Powers are all encompassing, and Rulers are more focused on specific lines of thought. Authorities specialize in putting those ideas into print and in producing actual documents.The Angel Realm Page...

Size: 40mm

Price: 40.00

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